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Production of grain crops, from sowing to harvest, and processing, requires considerable human and financial resource investment. Well-timed grain storage
preparation will help protect profits still sitting in silos. Storage is the most critical post-harvest operation, incurring both direct and indirect losses, yet it is easy
to overlook the measures needed to ensure that quality and sales are maintained once grain is in storage.

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A high insect population can create a favorable environment for further pest infestation, increased generational turnover
and population size. This translates directly to increased damage to stored grains. Limiting the potential of infestation of grain from
the onset is therefore essential.
When it comes to controlling stored-grain pests, prevention using contact pyrethroids is the recommended best course. The labor required to treat infested stored grains is greater than treating the grain at the time of placing the grain in storage. It also leaves carcasses and other waste in the grain, lowering the commercial value.
Treating clean, uninfected grain at the time of storage simplifies the process of protection without compromising on quality and value. Combining this with good storage hygiene practices before handling and storing the grains increases protection levels.
Envu’s stored-grain protectant, K-Obiol® EC25, can be applied directly to bulk-stored raw grains to provide long-lasting protection from stored-grain insect pests. K-Obiol EC25 is based on the active ingredient deltamethrin, which is a contact pyrethroid.
Supporting the deltamethrin, K-Obiol EC25 is synergized by piperonyl butoxide (PBO), to help manage insecticide resistance.

Grains which can be treated with K-Obiol EC25 include maize, wheat, rye, and oats, stored in silos. Unlike fumigants – because K-Obiol EC25 is applied directly to the grain during grain intake – it can be used in any type of storage, sealed or unsealed, and is suitable for use by grain growers and grain accumulators. It also provides residual protection for up to ten months, depending on the type of application method and surface it is applied to.

K-Obiol EC25 is versatile and can be applied in a variety of ways:

  • Directly to bulk-stored raw grains.
  • Sprayed on surfaces in grain storage facilities.
  • In thermal fogging machines.
  • Sprayed on bag stacks.
 Do not let the fruits of your labor go to waste. Embrace K-Obiol EC25 as your trusted partner in grain protection and integrated pest management (IPM). With its tested efficacy and long-lasting protection, K-Obiol EC25 ensures that your grain remains of the highest quality, maximizing your quality product supply in the market.


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