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This product is out of date. Where and how do I dispose of it?

Please visit the Crop Life website (www.croplife.co.za).

Where can I buy Envu products?

DSV is our logistic partner for account customers only. You can also buy products from cash sale outlets.  (see where to buy under pest management)

For further details please contact our Commercial Sales Team:

  • Andries Lottering (Technical Sales Specialist)
    Areas: Gauteng West & South, Free-State, North-West, Northern Cape, Botswana, Rustenburg and Thabazimbi
    Mobile: +27 (0) 82 815 4847
    E-Mail: andries.lottering@envu.com
  • Roelf Du Toit (Technical Sales Specialist)
    Areas: Pretoria, Midrand, East Rand of Jhb, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu Natal Inland area (incl. New Castle and Richards Bay)
    Mobile: +27 (0) 60 997 7862
    E-Mail: roelf.dutoit.ext@envu.com
  • Henry Gray (Technical Sales Specialist)
    Areas: Western Cape, Southern Cape, Eastern Cape, Central KwaZulu Natal
    Mobile: +27 (0) 82 616 2737
    E-Mail: henry.gray@envu.com

What is the shelf life of your products?

Chemical manufacturers must be able to guarantee a minimum of a 2 year shelf life unless otherwise stated on the label.

What do you recommend for cockroaches? I've sprayed everywhere and can't control them…

Envu offers 3 cockroach gel baits with different active constituents under the brand name "Maxforce". A cockroach control management program may require the use of different active ingredients to cope with cockroach resistance and also a range of environmental factors.

When considering a treatment program, identify any environmental factors which may be impacting on bait take-up such as additional food sources. Eliminate these factors to encourage bait feeding.

Always read the product label to establish the most appropriate “Maxforce” product for the job.

I have a mosquito problem, what can I do?

Effective mosquito control often involves targeting the pest at different stages of the lifecycle to completely eradicate the problem.

There are a number of control options available from treating the mosquito larvae developing in stagnant water, through to the use of contact sprays or foggers to target the adults.