Protect Your Grain with K-Obiol EC25

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Harvest season is a turning point for South African farmers. It's when your hard work pays off – but it's also when pests can cause devastating losses to your stored grain. Protecting your profits is essential, which is where on-farm storage and K-Obiol EC25 come in.


On-Farm Storage: A Growing Trend

  • Grain storage in South Africa is undergoing a transformation. On-farm storage capacity has surged in recent years, accounting for a significant portion of the total storage in the country. [1]

  • This shift empowers you. On-farm storage gives you greater control over marketing, reduces transport costs, and helps you avoid the price pressures of peak harvest season.


Why Spraying is Vital

  • Even the best storage facilities can be vulnerable to pests like grain beetles and weevils.

  • Infestations cause grain loss, quality degradation, and reduced market value.

  • Spraying with a powerful insecticide like K-Obiol EC25 is the key to preventing these damaging infestations and ensuring maximum profitability.


K-Obiol EC25: Your Trusted Grain Protector

  1. Broad-Spectrum Control: K-Obiol EC25 acts against a wide range of grain pests, offering superior protection to safeguard your harvest.

  1. Long-Lasting Residual Action: A single application provides sustained pest control, reducing the need for frequent retreatment and minimizing labor costs.

  1. User-Friendly Formulation: K-Obiol EC25's easy-to-use formulation simplifies application and minimizes safety concerns.


Invest in Your Bottom Line

By combining the advantages of on-farm storage with the preventative power of K-Obiol EC25, you're not just protecting grain – you're shielding your income from the threat of insect damage. Make this harvest season your most profitable yet.



Let us help you secure your grain income. Contact your local agricultural supplier for K-Obiol EC25 today.


Disclaimer: Always read and follow K-Obiol EC25's label instructions carefully to ensure safe and effective use.

Protect your grain

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