Invest in Your Future

Shield Your Grain with K-Obiol EC25
Up to 6 Months of Powerful Pest Protection

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The Problem:

  • Pests devour up to 30% of South Africa's stored grain every year. for more info visit: Agri SA
  • This means lost income, wasted resources, and a threat to food security.
  • Short-term solutions lead to recurring costs and persistent pest problems.

K-Obiol EC25: Your Sustainable Solution

K-Obiol EC25 delivers superior, extended protection against the pests that destroy your profits:

  • Grain weevils
  • Flour beetles
  • Lesser grain borers
  • And more (view the packaging insert for more information)

Protect Your Grain, Protect Your Future

  • One application, up to 6 months of peace of mind: Maximize your investment, minimize disruptions.
  • Reduce long-term costs: Stop the cycle of repeated ineffective treatments.
  • Safeguard your harvest: Preserve the quality and marketability of your grain.

Don't Compromise on Long-Term Sustainability

  • Cheap solutions cost you more in the long run.
  • K-Obiol EC25 is an investment in the future of your farm.

Our testimonials:

  • "K-Obiol EC25 has saved me countless hours and money!" - Farmer Van der Merwe, Limpopo
  • "The best decision I made for my grain storage – consistent results" - Farmer Coetzee, Mpumalanga
  • "Protecting my grain means protecting my livelihood. That's why I choose K-Obiol EC25." - Farmer Zulu, Eastern Cape 

Choose sustainability. Choose K-Obiol EC25. Invest in the long-term health of your grain and your business.


Protect your grain

A testimony on how K-Obiol can solve your problem of pest infestation

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